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When filing a workers compensation claim, there are a lot of details that you should know and not a lot of information is given by your employer or the insurance company. Some of the things you really should know are:

  • Report your injury immediately.

Tell your manager, supervisor, or whomever needs to know about your injury as soon as your notice it. Even if you don’t think it would require medical attention. Sometimes, injuries seem like nothing but end up being something much bigger than originally expected. This is common in back injuries which can render you bed-ridden for an extended period of time. Make sure your supervisor is aware of the injury as soon as you notice it.

  • Make sure your medical records are correct

Make sure your doctor is completely accurate in his notes about your accident. If his notes are different from what you are saying happened, there is a good possibility that it will greatly affect your claim. If you feel that the doctor isn’t listening to what you’re saying, ask him “Do you understand what happened to me?”. Don’t your claim fail due to someone else’s lack of professionalism.

  • Don’t let the insurance company record your statement.

This is a common trick that they will use. Within a few days of you filing your claim, they will call you and talk to you about what happened. It seems like it’s completely innocent because the insurance company does need to know what happened, but they will use this initial recording against you later. Even if you are on heavy narcotics and not 100% capable of giving proper information, they will still use this practice.

  • Don’t do physical activity that will hurt your claim

If you claim to have an injured arm, do not go out and play tennis. This is common sense, but it’s very important. If you are seen doing any sort of physical activity that you should not be doing because of your injuries, your claim will be rejected completely

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