If you were involved in a motorcycle accident and do not need immediate medical attention, you may feel like just riding away on your bike and hurling some explatives at the other driver. Lots of feelings and emotions are probably running through your head including confusion, fear, and anger.

But no matter what happened or  whose fault it was, it is important that you try to keep your cool and calmly handle the situation. With that in mind, here are some steps to take while you're at the scene of the accident:

Make sure yourself, other passengers on your bike, and the other vehicle's passengers are unharmed - Safety should always be the top priority in these situations so you should check right away to see if any other  parties involved are injured. Examine yourself if you feel any differently (pain, discomfort, numbness, etc.). Unless their lives are in danger, keep in mind to not move anyone that is seriously injured as this may cause them permanent damage.

Move your vehicle to a safe location - You should move your vehicle out of danger (from the middle of the road) to prevent any further collision. Do not run away with your vehicle as you can be charged with "hit and run" even though the accident wasn't caused by you. You should always stop and talk to the other driver if you are involved in an accident, no matter the gravity of the damage.

Call police officials - This is recommended at almost all cases unless the incident is considered to be very minor. A police report is considered as hard evidence that the accident took place, thus helping you with your claims against an insurance company. Always be cooperative with them and provide them any information that they may be able to use.

Do not admit fault - It's important to not say anything to the other party or to the police officer which can be interpreted as an admission of liability. A simple apology can possibly work against your claim as the insurance company's lawyer may use this as an admission of partial negligence on your part.

Gather Information - It is highly recommended that you gather information whether a police officer is present or not. Write down key information regarding the other driver, eye witness accounts, any details in the scene (examine your surroundings and the other driver's vehicle), and the like. This information will surely prove to be useful to you.

 Call a tow truck - If you suspect that riding your vehicle may be unsafe, you should opt to call the services of a tow truck to avert further damage to you or your vehicle.

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