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Reading a car insurance policy from top to bottom can confusing very quickly. We can’t exactly blame the insurance companies for the length of their policies, however, because much of the length is required by law. From one insurance company to another, the differences between policies as far as structures goes is minimal at best. But the real question here is, what do you need to be looking for?

There are a number of things that can make or break your financial recovery if you are or have been in a car wreck – but make sure to look at the bottom of this page, because I included a free book offer which shows everything you really need to know about your policy. I’m not an insurance agent, but being a board certified personal injury attorney helps me share with you the top priority pieces if you’re in a car wreck!

Look out for these two things, and make sure you’re fully covered:

Top up on your Liability Coverage. Great, you decided to take on some form of auto coverage. You’ve taken the first step in the right direction, but do you have enough to cover you in a severe accident? The Commonwealth of Virginia only requires minimums, and that’s IF the driver even elects to get insurance! 

Max out the uninsured and underinsured coverage. The legal minimums in the state of Virginia for car insurance are very low. If you’re ever in a car wreck, the person that hits you may be uninsured or have the bare bones in coverage and may not be able to pay you what you’re due. This happens more than you would like to know. Plenty of people are left in the hospital recovering physically from the accident as well as financially, because the other party doesn't have enough coverage.

Why doesn’t your insurance company make it a point to have you cover these gaps in coverage? Well, the small amount you would pay extra for a large amount of coverage doesn’t help increase their income! They would prefer you have good coverage – sure, they lose a small amount of profit, but it helps them avoid a large level of risk!

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