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Here's the challenge:

We are a regional leader in the world of ERISA long term disability insurance claims. In 2022, we recovered over $3 million in long term disability benefits for our clients. We handle more claims and file more lawsuits over these claims than anyone else in the VA-MD region. 

We are looking to extend our dominance in Virginia and Maryland and, if we can make this work, also generate leads in North Carolina, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. 

Let us explain:

Most employers offer various forms of insurance to employees. This includes life, medical, dental and, our world, LONG TERM DISABILITY. 

Long term disability insurance pays a portion of your wages, typically 60%, if you have a sickness or injury that prevents you from working. 

Importantly, this is NOT social security disability. (Social Security is a federal program that pays you a monthly benefit if you cannot work at any job) 

The challenge of paid advertising (PPC) for these cases (which we call “ERISA LTD cases”) is that often the future client confuses this with social security or, at the very least, the terms they are searching for are very similar to the search terms used to find a social security disability lawyer. 

There are many more Social Security cases than there are ERISA LTD cases. 

The other big challenge is that the key words we think we are advertising for (like: insurance) are expensive. Others (like: disability), Google doesn't like anymore!

We aren't even sure that PPC marketing for these cases makes sense BUT we know that the if anyone can solve this, its goint to be someone here in Orlando.

Important: This is what a QUALIFIED LEAD is for us. 

  1. They have received a denial letter from long term disability insurance company. 
  2. They have a primary disabling condition that is NOT related to mental health (i.e. Their primary reason for not working is NOT depression, mental illness, anxiety or stress.) 
  3. They have a diagnosis for a serious injury or sickness that prevents hem from working 
    1. If they have a physical job, their injury is typically
      1. Herniated disk 
      2. Torn rotator cuff 
      3. Brain injury 
      4. Knee injury 
      5. Cancer
    2. If they have a sedentary job (they make money with their brains, their injury is typically: 
      1. Cognitive loss, including from a brain injury from trauma or 
      2.  a disease such as MS. 
      3. cancer 

The potential clients that we are looking for with this proposal request live or work(ed) in Virginia or Maryland and have a denial letter from an insurance company in hand. We need their contact information and a complete copy of the written denial letter. That is the lead is valuable to us. 

You can see our web properties at: (a new, updated website is on the way) 


Other websites to look at (we compete with these firms) In Florida but market into Virginia Pennsylvania but market into Virginia local competitor Maryland competitor out of state, market into VA Virginia competitor Virginia competitor 

Other competitors poaching into Virginia can be seen here: 


Believe you can meet the above criteria and want to learn more? 

Share your proposal with our me at [email protected] 

Use the subject line: I read the lead generation RFP for ERISA LTD Claims. Spam will be ignored. Indicators that you can’t do the above or would do so unethically will be ignored. If you have a real plan but need a few questions answered we welcome those too! 

Things we want to know about you (to the extent you have it and within 2 pages): 

● Company name and location 

● History, mission, vision and values 

● How you can help us 

● A general outline of what you will do to get us leads

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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized car accident and ERISA disability attorney in Fairfax, VA.