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What is a vocational rehabilitation expert?If you've been injured in a car accident case whether it be an orthopedic injury, a brain injury, or any other injury, which has affected your ability or prevented you from going back from work, you may end up interacting with a vocational rehabilitation specialist. A vocational rehabilitation specialist is an expert who will review your medical records, discuss your case with your doctors, and discuss with you, your limitations due to your injuries sustained in a car accident. From that, they will use their expertise to determine whether or not they believe if you're employable in your chosen field.  

Should the vocational rehab expert find that you're not employable in your own profession, he or she will also determine whether or not there are other professions that you may be suitable for giving your new limitations. The vocational rehab expert will also determine what if any plan you should have about trying to seek rehabilitation to try to reenter the workforce.

Once that evaluation is made, the expert will determine whether or not and to what extent you've suffered what they call a loss of earning capacity. This essentially means what earning power have you lost due to the accident that you were involved in. They will also determine how long you intended to work for and use those figures to determine how much future lost wages you can expect to lose.

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