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Wow.  So, it sounds like there’s a lot of rules and with rules comp, I like to say loopholes and places where you, the claimant, can make a mistake and eliminate your claim. So, let me ask you this, at what point is it good to talk to somebody like you and at least start getting information like we’re discussing on this call?

The ideal time would be before that recorded statement, but a lot of times, people don’t think of workers’ comp as a – the thing that is like regular health insurance, they don’t think of it as an adversarial thing and that someone is going to try to trick them in their recorded statement because sometimes, you’re pretty much stuck with that, so the ideal time would be before that recorded statement.  However, if anytime, in the beginning is the best to prevent problems occurring.  Once the problem occurs, I can go back and try to fix this as best as I can the problem, but it’s better for the problem never to have happened.  Now, you might not need a lawyer immediately but then if you had that consultation, you kind of know, okay what might happen or might not happen and at least know that you are on the right track.

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