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Often times when an employee has a disability or when they have a workers compensation claim, there will come a time when the employer wants to separate that employee from the business. This may or may not be in conjunction with a long-term disability claim. Typically, the employer will present the employee and his Worker's Compensation attorney with a boilerplate severance agreement. Please do not sign that severance agreement without having reviewed by an experienced ERISA attorney if you believe that you have a long-term disability claim.

Signing that severance agreement will most certainly waive your right to future benefits. If you are getting a lump sum settlement for your Worker's Compensation claim you must add special language to that settlement agreement or the long-term disability insurance company much more of your money than it is allowed to. Worker's Compensation settlements and severance agreements often go hand in hand.

Here is what the client recently posted about us in this regard:

Recently, I was challenged with a Worker's Compensation case and the complex nuances of the disability language. After researching several attorneys I reached out to Mr. Ben Glass Law. I had spoke to the Disability Appeals Manager, Ms. Olivia Adubofour on several occasion to explore benefits I am entitled. I hesitated because along with my reduced salary came a plethora of medical bills.. However, when trying to understand the language of my employer's policy left me abashed in a sea of emotions. Mr. Glass spoke to me in a language I could understand and is working in coordination with my Worker's Compensation attorney to get a better settlement saving me thousands of dollars. Each person is faced with animosity of the unknown after an injury. The insurance company is going to make sure the fine print is not going to favor you but them. Mr. Glass expose's the language and in many case's can help place a few phrase's in the agreement that changes the dynamics of the settlement. If you need someone to look over your disability insurance you can hire anyone, but If YOU WANT THE BEST call Ms. Adubofour and set an appointment with Mr. Glass. Reclaim your life, do not let the insurance companies have the last WORD!
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