Virginia car accident claims have gotten a bad reputation through the magic of the media. First it's the lawyers, who run those annoying "injury = money" ads and try to perpetuate the myth that every minor injury deserves legal action and can equal big settlement bucks. A good Fairfax personal injury attorney is nothing like this - they know a valid case when they see one and will focus only on those cases.

The other negative reputation that Virginia personal injury claims face is the guilt myth. Many people think that lawsuits are filed only by greedy people looking to cash in on minor injuries. Others may fear that they'll be seen as an opportunist who got themselves injured just to collect a settlement. The truth is, if you have legitimate damages that were caused by someone else's negligence you have the legal right to collect compensation for those damages!

Your First Fight: Finding Good Legal Representation

Your best chance at success in your Virginia personal injury claim is to have a strong ally on your side. A Fairfax personal injury attorney who has a good case history in your accident claim area is the best asset to have.

Part of the negative stigma surrounding Virginia personal injury claims is the sleazy ambulance-chaser lawyer stereotype that many a Fairfax personal injury attorney has had to fight against. These are the lawyers you want to avoid, the ones that take any case that comes across their desk and will file frivolous lawsuits for a splinter or paper cut.

A good Fairfax personal injury attorney won't need to take these kinds of Virginia personal injury cases. In my eyes, if a case isn't resulting in more than $2,000 in damages and you don't have solid evidence of the accident and other person's fault, your case isn't worth taking. Why? Because it won't hold up in a Virginia court, and insurance companies are going to settle with you for pennies on the dollar, IF they settle at all.

If your Fairfax personal injury attorney isn't picky about his Virginia personal injury cases, he's not a very good attorney. Good attorneys can be selective in the cases they choose to represent because they know that they're going to have 10 more for every 1 they accept.

For more information on personal injury cases, please click on this link to download a copy of The Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim.

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