For a lot of personal injury cases here in Virginia, you'll find some lawyers who operate by sending a "runner" to push their services on you after your car wreck. The worst part about this isn't that they send these "goons" your way, but the fact that you've been in a serious automobile accident, and the last thing you want or need is someone trying to sell you something.

We've talked to several clients who shortly after a car wreck were approached in the hospital or at home by a third party - not a lawyer but on behalf of a lawyer. It was somebody who they didn't know, who said, "Oh here, I know you're hurt. You should sign up with this personal injury lawyer."

This is highly unethical, and illegal in most states. Think about it, if your lawyer has to hire somebody to chase you down at a hospital after they've been in an automobile accident to say, "Hire him," what kind of a lawyer is that? What kind of quality service is he delivering?

Here's our message: If, after an automobile accident in Virginia, you are approached by anyone representing a personal injury lawyer, you should contact the Virginia State Bar and file a complaint. Again, this is highly unethical in Virginia and is illegal in most states. Plus, it is not of good service to you, especially when you've been in a car wreck.

I guarantee you that lawyers who have to send people to hospitals to sign up clients aren't great lawyers. Why again, would they have to send their "goons" your way when you're in a weakened state? They're basically trying to prey on you!

What you should do to find all the answers to your questions after your car wreck, is request our free book about auto accident claims in Virginia. This should answer a lot of your questions, and give you a chance to decide for yourself if you need a personal injury lawyer or not.

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