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Lawyer advertising is out of control. This is especially true in this area of the country, where there are more lawyers per capita thahttps://dss.fosterwebmarketing.com/documents/add.cfm?ID=37953n anywhere else in North America. You've probably heard a good amount of negative stereotypes about untrustworthy personal injury attorneys that are just trying to take your money. It's unfortunate, but there are some out there who fall into this category. A number of these "professionals" will even send runners to your hospital bed! This may sound bad, but trust me there's a lot more sneaky tricks the bad apples of the personal injury bunch will try to push on you to hire them.

No Cost, No Obligation

Every good personal injury attorney should have something for you, and it's not neccessarily a free consultation. There's something that sets the great personal injury attorneys apart from the good ones. Typically you'll see this right off the bat, when one offers to send you their pacakge or book, while all the others push for you to get in the door asap. This doesn't neccessarily mean that they're "bad personal injury attorneys," but it definitely shows that their intentions are more toward you signing them on ASAP.

Frustrated at watching consumers get hurt and taken advantage of by unscrupulous lawyers, Virginia attorney Benjamin W. Glass decided to write a Consumer Guide revealing the truth about lawyers and lawyer advertising. This easy-to-read guide may surprise and even shock you; but without a doubt it will help you make better-informed decisions.

This book normally sells on Amazon for $14.95 plus postage. But as a service to the public, Ben Glass will send it to you at no cost or obligation if you are a Virginia resident.

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Ben Glass
Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney