Insurance Company Tricks in Virginia

Hi, this is Ben Glass, and today I want to talk to you about another one of those insurance company tricks. I talked to a lady recently who had been injured in an accident and ultimately had settled her case too soon. The problem was the insurance company was giving her really misleading information. They told her that they would pay for her out of pocket expenses that she had incurred, but they didn’t tell her that she actually was entitled to much more than that. And the problem was, at the end of her case when she settled, she discovered for the first time that her own health insurance company wanted to be repaid everything out of the settlement.

Now, this is something that the car insurance adjuster probably should have told her but didn’t. She told her, “Hey, we’ll be happy to send you a check for out of pocket expenses”, which of course wasn’t nearly enough to repay the health insurance company.

Look, I know that you don’t need a lawyer for every small case that’s out there. But I do see a lot of people get sucked in by misinformation from automobile insurance adjusters. That’s why in our office, we’ll give you a free second opinion on any offer you get in a Virginia car accident case. Now, I'm not going to do that if you’re already represented, but if you’re working on your own and you just want someone to look over your shoulder, we’ll be happy to do then.

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