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There are hundreds of so-called "Top Lawyer" sites on the Internet. Some only require a working credit card in order to be listed.

To help you with your research when deciding on an attorney to hire for your case, we've put together our short list of ratings sites for you to use. These are the same sites that we would use if we needed to hire an attorney for ourselves and didn't have a trusted referral.

The sites below represent a combination of sites that include client reviews and some that are focused on attorney endorsements (peer-to-peer reviews). Of course, just choosing an attorney off of one of these sites shouldn't be your entire research process. Visit their website, order free information from them, take a look at what they have written about the cases they handle, and make sure you are comfortable with them when you finally call their office.

Here are the top lawyer rating sites that smart consumers use:

National Board of Legal Specialty Certification (Not technically a "ranking" site - but why would you hire a lawyer who is not board certified? You wouldn't want a non-certified surgeon operating on your brain, would you?)

Also, we just want to say that you're making a smart choice by researching who you want to hire, rather than just hiring someone with a flashy TV ad. We've seen some as silly as this one below. If you want even more information on how to find the right attorney for your case, we wrote a book titled The Truth About Lawyer Advertising, which you can download instantly from this website.

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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized car accident and ERISA disability attorney in Fairfax, VA.