The laws surrounding car accidents in Virginia can get pretty complicated at times. What happens if you are a passenger in an accident and need coverage for your medical bills? Can you sue the driver of either car involved?

A significant factor in Virginia car accident cases is something known as Contributory Negligence. When an accident occurs, the court needs to know whether you did anything that would’ve contributed to the accident. If you are just 1% responsible for the accident, you are barred from recovery.

Here’s the good news: if you’re a passenger, it’s very unlikely that you contributed to the accident. (That’s, of course, assuming you didn’t do anything crazy, like grab the steering wheel to direct the car into oncoming traffic).What passengers need to know if they were in a car accident.

Given that you’d look to both the defendant driver and your own driver for coverage for your injuries. And in some instances, you may have additional coverage under your own automobile policy. Now exactly who pays and how much is really going to depend on the nature of the case. But the point is that you have multiple sources of coverage to look to, and you should have an experienced attorney help you decide how to proceed.

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