Don’t you love all the commercials you see these days about how much of a “friend” your insurance agent is? They really do spend top dollar, as all these companies creatively try to portray their business as looking out for the customer.

Well, if they are putting all this time and effort into it, odds are they’re trying to compensate for something, right? The only insurance advertisement that is on point is all the commercial with “Mayhem” being shown causing car accidents. The only part where this entertaining clip falls short is when it forgets to say it is not always the other driver that takes your money, it’s usually your own insurance company that does it.

There are three big problems that these deceptive pals of yours forget to mention:

Insurance Adjusters act like your friend, but make false promises. Who do companies like Allstate recruit; insurance experts or professional actors? Odds are, both – but neither in a good way for you. A lot of the time, they befriend you and feed you lies that make sense at the moment. But, they do not end up playing out through the course of your recovery, such as with future medical bills.

In fact, Allstate drove its company on pushing to prevent any chance of attorney involvement at one point, until the Washington Supreme Court found them guilty of misrepresenting their own clients. It may be easier to settle this between you and the insurance company, but odds are high that you aren’t collecting what you deserve. Bring on a Fredericksburg, Virginia personal injury attorney to make sure this is not an issue.

Have you ever heard the term “Nickel and Dime Someone?” Well in an industry like insurance, this is a common practice. With millions of claims every ear, if an insurance company can skim off 3-5% from every claim, what does this mean to them? Well, it has to be worth at least a few million. To make sure you are getting what you deserve, you may need to at least consult with an attorney even if you end up settling the case yourself.

Why is the Adjuster insisting my medical treatment was not necessary? It sure seems as though a lot of insurance adjusters carry themselves as if they have gone through medical school. I’m not saying this in a good way, but more because they like to decide what was necessary, and what they should have to cover. Is this sound medical advice?

No, it’s the insurance companies taking what they can from you, with their interpretation of what was or was not necessary for your particular condition. If you have a personal injury attorney on your side, odds are you will not have to stress about some insurance adjuster diagnosing your medical condition!

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