"Dr. Jennifer Taschler Got Me Back Running"

Those of you who know me know that I am a pretty avid runner. It's the way that I stay mentally healthy!

After my last marathon (Marine Corps) I picked up a strange calf injury. I would go out for about a mile, feel fine, and then get a huge cramp in my left calf...it was debilitating and I would have to walk home.

I saw Dr. Taschler. I know here through a local business group I am in and she was first introduced to me by her father-in-law, a former client.

I said "help me run again."

She did a very thorough examination and some testing and made a diagnosis of chronic compartment syndrome. She recomended a course of visits and treatment. (She is more than a chiropractor. Her office provides physical rehab care as well.)

I went home and looked on the Internet and didn't like what I saw! Just about every article I read said that with this diagnosis only a few people could avoid surgery. Most of the articles did not report a high success rate with physical therapy and orthotics (another recomendation she made.)

I was a good patient. I showed up. Endured the deep tissue massage that "hurt" like all get out and DID MY EXERCISES.She did do some chiropractic adjustments and I feel great.

I'm back to running. If you are in the Northern Virginia area and have picked up a sports injury I highly recomend that you give Dr. Taschler and her team a call  at 703-293-2939