After car accident you will likely be contacted by several insurance adjusters. Should you talk to them?

After an accident you should certainly contact your own insurance company no matter whose fault it was. Assuming that you have coverage to repair your car, a property damage adjuster  from your own company will likely contact you to help arrange repair or replacement.  You may also be contacted by a property damage adjuster from the other person's insurance company if it was the other person's fault. It is perfectly fine to have discussions with property damage adjusters. If you are not getting the service you need from the other person's insurance company you should certainly be working with your own company. You paid the premium.

If you have medical payments coverage on your policy and you were injured in the contacted by your own insurance company in order that you can have a discussion about how this type of coverage works. You must cooperate with your own insurance company in order to recover your medical payments benefits.

A bodily injury claims adjuster from the insurance community person who calls you may also contact you.  You were not necessarily required to speak to this person but you should always be polite. They want to get a recorded statement from you. This is not usually a good idea and you should probably speak to an experienced, board-certified, personal injury attorney prior to giving a recorded statement. Also, you should not give a recorded statement all under the influence of narcotic medication or if you are still in a great deal of pain.

 A recorded statement can be used against you in court.

Always be polite. It does not do any good to be mean or nasty to someone who is trying to do their job.

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