We often get questions about disability claims.  Insurance companies often recommend a specific lawyer or law firm to people who also apply for Social Security benefits. Should you use these lawyers?

Our answer is NO. Go and find a Social Security disability attorney in your area with whom you can talk to face-to-face and decide if they are the best attorney for you. Some of the firms that the insurance companies recommend aren’t even law firms. Thus, they’re not held to the Attorney’s Code of Ethics.

These firms sometimes will not respond to reasonable request, and rely on their relationships with the insurance companies. In some cases, we have seen them make claims for Social Security disability for disabilities that have been limited under your insurance policy. They structure your claim in a way that your insurance won't have to cover you. In other words, they do not act in your best interests.

We believe that the best answer is to find an experienced Social Security disability attorney in your town. This is a person who will look out for your interests and your interests alone.

If you’re applying for disability benefits with the insurance company, but hire your own private Social Security lawyer, the insurance company will pay for it in most cases.

Ben Glass
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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney