If there was one major warning I could give you about your personal injury case, it might be what you least expect. You would hope your insurance company, which has a so-called “high level of integrity," would only ask you to sign forms that benefit you. This isn’t always the case, especially after a car accident. Wouldn’t you hope that the very company which is supposed to be protecting you would make sure you are reimbursed adequately? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The insurance adjuster only cares about keeping their expenses low, and that includes the money you are probably entitled to and should be collecting.

This leaves us to the great mystery of…“should I sign the forms?” The way things usually play out after a personal injury claim, is that the insurance adjuster will be sending you medical authorization forms. Typically they will be extremely broad, which gives the insurance company any and every bit of ammo they can load up against you.

Does it get better after this slick move? Yes, but not yet.

The insurance company will request even more records, building up to 10 or even 15 years of your medical history without you even realizing it. Do yourself a favor and get copies of your own records, just to make sure what the insurance company receives accurate information.

The next thing they will ask is for you to sign a release. This might lead to you getting a check in the mail, but know that as soon as you sign the release form the case is closed forever. If your personal injury becomes worse over time or you need another operation, there is nothing you can do. Any further expense is your responsibility alone!

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