I would like to tell you that there's nothing to worry about after your Virginia personal injury accident when trying to settle your case, but unfortunately there is. You would think that the insurance company you pay month in, month out would at least be fair. The sad truth is that the very person you will have to work with from the insurance company is the going to be the one trying to give you as little as possible. Is this fair? No, but the insurance adjuster only cares about keeping their expenses low, and that includes the money you are probably entitled to and should be collecting.

Most people want to know “should I sign the forms?” Typically an insurance adjuster will be sending you medical authorizations. These authorizations tend to be very broad and they deliver to the insurance company all sorts of medical information of yours and what the insurance company does is go through this and then request even more records. They might have 10 or 15 years of your private records without you ever knowing.  We suggest getting your own records first and making sure they’re accurate and getting those records to the insurance company.

The second form they’ll often ask you to sign is a release. If you sign a release you are effectively settling with the insurance company, and that is the end of your case. If you need care later or if there’s some undiscovered injury and you need an operation of something else further down the line, the insurance company is not going to pay for it.

I’m sure you have questions about where to start. That’s not a bad thing; in fact, you’re in a great position now that you came by and read this article. I want to share with you some priceless FREE information.

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