So you’ve filed for disability benefits under a disability insurance contract that you have with your employer. They may have denied your benefits, or they didn’t pay you for awhile and now they’ve terminated you. You have 180 days to do the appeal. Here’s where people get in trouble: they try to appeal on their own.

The problem is that once that 180 days is gone, if you have to go to litigation, your lawyer can't add anything else to the appeal record. An experienced disability insurance attorney knows exactly what to add during the 180 days.

I can't tell you how many clients and potential clients I’ve talked to, who’ve come to us after the appeal processes is over. They have a good meritorious claim. But when I look at the record that they created, the doctor records they may have sent in or the little doctor statements, it just isn't good enough to win an appeal. An experience disability attorney in your area can really help you bolster this record.

Here is one quick story: I talked to a woman recently whose insurance company paid her for over two years, then terminated her benefits.

During the appeals process, they didn’t tell her that one of the reviews they had done was a very positive review for her. She never knew this because she didn’t know enough about the appeals process and didn’t have an attorney help her to find out where to go and find that record. An experience disability insurance lawyer can be immensely valuable for to you. If you’re in Virginia, we’re happy to talk to you. If you’re not in Virginia and you want to contact us, we can usually make an appropriate referral to another experience disability attorney somewhere near you.

Ben Glass
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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney