Safe Communication with Your Insurance Company 

Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating for both you and the insurance adjuster. While you’re just trying to get compensation for your damages, the insurance adjuster is looking to settle for the lowest amount possible. 

So remember that adjusters may come across as friendly and concerned, but this is often just a tactic. They are trying to get you comfortable, so you’ll end up giving them unnecessary information that could damage your claim. 

Less is More with the Insurance Company 

Don’t let yourself get angry or overwhelmed when talking to your insurance adjuster; this is how mistakes are made when you are trying to settle your case on your own

The less information you offer your insurance adjuster, the fewer chances he or she has of damaging your accident case with irrelevant facts. The insurance adjuster doesn’t need to know about your knee surgery 20 years ago, but he or she does need to know you had to have a knee brace and physical therapy after your car accident. 

Basically, you need to remember to take your time to consider what information you’re telling the insurance adjuster. Before you answer any questions or accept any offers, you should ask yourself if this information is related to your accident, and will this help me get full compensation. 

Don’t Deal with Insurance Companies Until You Read My Book! 

Settling your accident case depends on knowing how to deal with the trickery insurance companies use to devalue or deny your accident case. You don’t need a lawyer, but you DO need a lawyer’s take on the whole accident case settlement process! 

If you think you’re ready to handle your accident case on your own, I encourage you to visit my website and download a FREE digital copy of my book Get It Settled! The Accident Victim’s Guide to Settling Your Case without Hiring a Lawyer. Of course, I won’t leave my clients hanging in the wind. If you think you really need a lawyer to help you settle your case, contact Ben Glass Law at 703-584-7277, and we’ll set up a consultation.

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