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Testimony from Seth Tuwiner in a car accident case involving traumatic brain injury.This is the redacted trial transcript of Seth Tuwiner’s testimony in a case tried in April 2018 in the Circuit Court of Fairfax County. This transcript includes the direct and cross-examination of Dr. Tuwiner, a local neurologist who is hired with some frequency to testify on behalf of insurance companies in cases where a traumatic brain injury is alleged to have occurred.

This transcript may be valuable and important to lawyers who are facing Dr. Tuwiner in a trial, and we will be happy to provide the unredacted copy to those lawyers. (This copy does not have either our client or the young defendant identified. Neither deserved to have to go through this trial.)

Seth Tuwiner has been paid over $130,000 in the last three years by State Farm for medical-legal work. In this case, he prepared a report (also available) that claimed that our client, a 55-year-old lawyer had only suffered a “chest wall contusion” when he was T-boned.

State Farm, who hired Dr. Tuwiner to testify, never offered a penny to settle the case.

The jury returned a verdict of $450,950. State Farm did not appeal the verdict.

To view the transcript of Seth Tuwiner's testimony go here.

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