The insurance company usually comes around like a snake right after car accidents, trying to ruin any personal injury claim. If they don’t sabotage your claim, you might happen to do it yourself by accident! How does this happen? This could be due to a number of reasons that you and many others have run into when trying to collect reimbursement. Your insurance agent should have been doing their job when you first purchased the policy, and if they were you would be aware of the essential responsibilities.  Watch the video and read below to learn about the four reasons your claim may be denied.

Misrepresentation. This is one of the hot topics to be aware of when you first get a policy from your insurance agent. Listen close – when answering the questionnaire don’t slip up and answer ANYTHING incorrectly!  If you answer anything incorrectly, this can ruin your claim and put you in the category of “fraud.” This can be something as little as them asking if you went to college and you answering incorrectly. Sure this sounds completely innocent and ridiculous, but that is just the way they work!

Be extremely careful with this. I’ve even seen an instance where a client was asked if he had gone to a doctor in Herndon Virginia and he repsonded no. In this case, he had a routine physical for his job. The claim was denied. Even if your last doctor visit was a physical for your job, it still counts as “a doctor visit”. Don’t let this ruin your chance of reimbursement when you deserve it!

Insurance companies and slick agents try to make it seem like they are there for you, but odds are they might be setting you up for a fast one. Let’s talk about the Duties of the Insured. These require you to do a number of things that are outlined in that big thick insurance policy your insurance agent gave you when you purchased the policy.

If something happens report it right away. The pain from your back injury may be getting better, but don’t hesitate – report it asap! The insurance company is just going to tell you SORRY if you let this slide until it becomes an issue.

Prevent further damage. By this I mean if a tree falls on your house, and it starts to rain you must absolutely not leave the hole there pouring in water! Throw a tarp up at least, as the Reston Virginia insurance company probably won’t cover you on the excessive water damage if you just let it sit there as you wait a few days to call it in.

Not buying from an independent agent. If you purchased your policy at a place like Geico or Allstate, every conversation you have with your agent will be recorded. This leaves you on the record 24/7, along with every problem you have on record. Unfortunately for you, this means you can’t trust them as your confidant on whether or not you should report a claim. Yes this is just sad, but it’s just the way it is – make sure that you work with an independent insurance agent!

These are the main pieces to building a solid and supported insurance policy with all of the necessary coverage components. Before you make any decision on buying insurance, take some time to meet with the top independent agents in your area. This will get you started and on a path to full protection with your coverage.

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