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As you might imagine, the best car accident law firms in Northern Virginia receive numerous inquiries every day. They can't, and don't, take every case. Here is a list of reasons why the most successful personal injury law firms in Northern Virginia might reject your case:

  1. Their work will not put more money in your pocket. The most respected law firms will just say "no" if they realize that no matter how good they are, at the end of the day you could settle the case yourself and put as much, or more, money in your pocket.
  2. You waited too long to contact them. All cases need to be worked up. Your lack of due diligence will not become their emergency.
  3. Your case has been rejected by two or more respected law firms. (You probably need to accept that you don't really have a case.)
  4. You have prior injuries and it is not clear how much your current accident really contributed to what you are feeling today.
  5. You were disrespectful to the the law firm's staff. Word moves fast in a small law firm. The good firms don't have to tolerate jerks.
  6. You want to sue someone to "get even," and "make sure that this never happens to anyone else again." (If that's your criteria, you don't need a great lawyer, anyone with a law license will do just fine since your case isn't going anywhere anyway.)
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