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When a doctor makes a claim for disability benefits under a disability insurance policy that doctor must show documents to the company that prove:

  1. What income the doctor was making;
  2. What procedures or treatments the doctor usually provided (the "substantial duties of that doctor's occupation."

The insurance company will look beyond what a doctor says about his or her practice to see what the doctor was actually billing for. Generally, the doctor will have to provide:

  1. Complete copies of individual and business federal income tax returns, including W-2's 1099's K-1's, including schedules and attachments;
  2. Monthly profit and loss statement for at least the last two years;
  3. Copies of pay stubs for at least the last two years;
  4. Pension and profit-sharing contributions attributable to you for at least the last two years.
  5. If the doctor has sold a practice, copies of any purchase and sale agreement;
  6. Monthly production reports, reflecting CPT codes, quantities, and charges by date of service for at least the last two years.

We help doctors and other health care providers get paid their disability insurance claims when they can no longer work. 

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