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Many clients have asked the question of whether or not posting things on Facebook can affect a personal injury claim.  This is a new element of accident claims.  The issue is that your posts to Facebook will become available to defense lawyers and insurance companies.  These experienced parties have the knowledge and resources to use the information against you.

The biggest mistake one can make is to assume that the privacy settings of your account will keep insurance companies away from your information.  Never misrepresent your level of activity in the wake of an injury or during a personal injury case.   If you lead insurance companies or the defense to believe that you are unable to do certain things, but then you post pictures, video, or other information on social media proving you can do those things; your claim may suffer.  Therefore, our advice is as follows:

  • Always be straightforward and truthful about your claim
  • Don’t put stupid content on Facebook
  • If you have stupid stuff on Facebook, don’t hide it

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