Every year, we accept a limited number of injury, accident, and disability cases from the hundreds of people who ask for representation.  Personal Injury attorneys are common, but what we've been doing isn't what you would expect from the guy down the street. Since 1983, Ben Glass Law has provided representation throughout Virginia, and continues to take on a majority of cases referred to us by former clients and medical professionals. Every good board certified personal injury attorney should have experience, and we certainly do at Ben Glass Law.

The bottom line is this:  We do not allow paralegals or assistants to negotiate your case with the insurance companies, and we are not a “TV advertising personal injury mill.”  Instead, we are here for you. We take on fewer cases to spend more time on you and get positive end results.

You won't hear the silly personal injury attorney headlines like "we'll fight for you when you can't" or "if you don't recover anything we don't see a dime." This should be implied at best if it's mentioned at all! We insist that you educate yourself with one of our consumer guides before we even ask you to sit down with us. This might even save you a trip to any personal injury attorney if you find all the right answers you were looking for!

We emphasize a straightforward approach to your representation, and will tell you if your case can be won, or if you can handle it without an attorney.  Be assured that if your case does pass our test, you will receive the personalized hands-on attention you deserve in finding settlement or resolution.

If you have been injured, understanding your case is necessary for the next step in potentially helping you any further. For more information on how to deal with insurance company policies and procedures, click on this link for access to a FREE copy of our consumer guide, The Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim.

If you have a question for Ben, you can submit it confidentially online at JustAskBenGlass.com.

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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney