Consequences of Objects Left Behind After Surgery

Obviously, if you have any objects left behind after surgery, you will need to get them removed. This usually involves another surgery, which produces more medical bills and the risk of additional complications. This can mean more lost time at work and a reduced enjoyment of life. You shouldn't have to suffer any of these additional burdens, and filing a medical malpractice claim in Virginia can help compensate you financially for the damages you suffered from the negligence of the medical team.

The objects left behind after surgery may also cause additional conditions such as septic shock or infections that require further medical treatment. If the object creates any internal damage such as lacerations or punctures, you may require additional surgery to not only remove the object but also to repair the damage. Even if the object was not causing you distress, once it's discovered it must be removed, which requires you to undergo more medical treatment and care.

Legal Action with a Medical Malpractice Claim in Virginia

You shouldn't have to pay for the negligence of your surgical team when objects are left behind after surgery. By filing a medical malpractice claim in Virginia with the help of an experienced Fairfax medical malpractice attorney, you can seek damages for your medical expenses from both the original surgery and any additional treatment necessary to correct the error. Your Fairfax medical malpractice attorney can also build a case for you to receive compensation that accounts for lost wages and pain and suffering the error has caused.

The statute of limitations for a general medical malpractice claim in Virginia is 2 years from the date of injury. In cases of objects left behind during surgery, the statute is extended for an additional year from the date the object or injury is discovered (or should have been discovered). There is a 10-year limit to this extension from the time the cause of action accrued.

Contacting a Fairfax Medical Malpractice Attorney

You don't have to deal with insurance companies and hospitals alone when you're looking to file a medical malpractice claim in Virginia. Fairfax medical malpractice attorney Ben Glass fights to help victims in the Virginia and D.C. areas settle their medical malpractice claims resulting from objects left behind after surgery and other surgical errors.

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