Some think they need a Fairfax accident lawyer because they’re afraid they’ll be overwhelmed with the settlement process. While it’s true that the process can be frustrating, you can settle your case on your own if you follow the advice of an experienced lawyer like myself. 

The First Thing on Your Mind May Be Medical Bills 

Even minor injuries can still rack up medical bills that can drain your bank account. A trip to the urgent care clinic for a broken arm can be a few hundred bucks after you figure in X-rays, casts, and pain medication. Not everyone has a chunk of money set aside for unexpected medical care, so the question often comes to mind: who will pay your medical bills while you settle a case on your own? 

There can be several answers to this question, but a Fairfax accident lawyer isn’t one of them. No lawyer is going to pay their clients’ medical bills while they’re waiting on a settlement, so don’t think you need a lawyer to get your bills taken care of. 

Instead, to figure out how to pay your medical bills, look at the resources you already have: 

  • health insurance;
  • car insurance;
  • health care providers. 

Your health insurance may cover your medical expenses and then accept repayment from your car insurance settlement once it is approved. Submit all your bills to your health insurance company no matter what – there’s no harm in asking if certain expenses are covered! 

If you carry certain types of car insurance, such as Personal Injury Protection, you’ll often find that they will cover your basic medical expenses as long as you submit the bills. The quicker you submit your bills, the quicker your doctors get paid and become more comfortable providing continued treatment when needed. 

Insurance isn’t your only resource – many health care providers perform services for accident injuries under an agreement that the victim will pay once a settlement is reached. 

There’s more to life than bills – your physical and mental health will often be a matter of concern after an accident as well. While you figure our how you are going to deal with the aftermath of a traumatic accident, you can take heart in reading my free eBook, Get it Settled! The Accident Victim’s Guide to Settling Your Case Without Hiring a Lawyer. Continue reading for some advice on dealing with personal matters while dealing with the settlement process after an accident case. 

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