It’s a common misconception that winning a case means you’re getting paid big. Too many people go into cases with this attitude, and they leave frustrated and angry after meeting with an attorney.

Sometimes, people think that just because they were injured, they’re going to get a huge settlement and have an early retirement to look forward to. In reality, the severity of your car wreck does not always signal the size of your settlement. Usually, it comes down to who is at fault and just how things play out in court or during the settlement process.

Not only is this a common misconception, but most people don’t realize exactly how tough it is to win a personal injury case. The biggest factor at times can be negligence. Virginia contributory negligence can ruin any chance at collecting. If you are found to have shown any negligence on your behalf, you may not have a case at all.

This may not exactly be fair, but it’s the way Virginia personal injury cases work!

There have been occasional cases, where after a verdict is reached, it looks like someone got lucky with the right lottery numbers. Don’t bet your pants on this happening to you. These are extremely rare cases, so even if you’ve been an extremely serious car wreck you still shouldn’t hold this type of expectation.

The best way to make sure you collect what you truly deserve is by taking your time in hiring the right Fredericksburg Virginia personal injury attorney. Choosing someone who is experienced specifically with your type of personal injury as opposed to a “jack of all trades” lawyer can not only make or break your case, but maximize your collection for what you deserve.

What I suggest you do is check out our free consumer guide The Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim.

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