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This type of coverage is getting more important all the time. Medical payments coverage (it is often referred to as "medpay" in the legal world) is a small health insurance policy that will promptly pay a portion of your medical bills including co-pays and deductibles if you have been in an accident.

Remember that the person who caused the accident will ultimately be responsible for your medical bills, but that claim could take years and having medical payments coverage even if you have a health insurance policy is something that is generally worthwhile.

Reasons for having medical payments or "medpay" coverage:

  • To make sure doctors and other health care professionals get paid quickly
  • To make sure that you don't go deeply out of pocket while you are waiting to get your liability claim settled (and to help prevent bills from going to collection)
  • To cover co-pays, which can easily be tens of thousands of dollars in a serious car accident that results in major injuries
  • Your primary health insurance may be asking to be reimbursed if the accident is the fault of someone else (90% of those policies require subrogation or reimbursement)
  • The person who hit you may have low insurance coverage, so every dollar you can get out of your own policies will help

It is possible to have medical payments coverage through your car insurance policy but not have health insurance. However, "medpay" is not a replacement for normal health insurance. It is only used if you have been in an accident - and only for injuries sustained in that accident.

Medical payments coverage in Virginia is usually purchased in increments of thousands of dollars (rather than the liability portion of your car insurance policy which could be as much as one million dollars). For example, you may have medpay of $1,000; $5,000; or even $10,000 depending on your policy. The coverage is fairly inexpensive, and we recommend it to our clients. You can watch the video on this page to learn more about your insurance policy and why we recommend medical payments coverage.

You can learn all about the legal claim process by ordering our free report on car accident cases in Virginia. Additionally, if you would like to discuss your own accident/injury case and your legal options, you can call our team of experts at (703)584-7277.

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