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This is a review of the Marsh & McLennan Companies long-term disability insurance plan. We have represented many long-term disability insurance claimants who were employed by Marsh & McLennan. At the time of this reveiw Hartford manages claims.

This plan receives a "5-Star" rating from BenGlassLaw.

This review is of a plan with an effective date of March 1, 2018. This review is conducted in June 2021. If you have an updated Plan for us to review please send it to us and we will review it.

Definition of Disability [standard benefits]

You must be 'totally' disabled. During the first 30 months of an approved disability (including the first 26 weeks (six months) under the Short Term Disability Plan) you are considered totally disabled if you are unable to continously perfor teh substantial and material duties of your present occupation (sometimes referred to as your "own occupation") because of an illness or injury, as long as you are not engaged in any other occupation or employment. Medical certification of disability is required, and you must be under the regular care of a licensed physician who is qualified to treat your condition. 

After the first 30 months of benefits, (which includes the Short Term Disability) you will be deemed disabled if you are continuously unable to engage in duties of any substantil gainful employment for which you are resaonbley qualified by education, training or experince (and be under the regular care of a physician.)

Comment by BenGlassLaw: the Marsh & McLennan Companies long-term disability plan provides the type of group disability coverage that we see most good companies provide. As a bonus it appears that as long as an employee remains disabled the company continues to pay benefits including health insurance. This is not actually in the long-term disability plan but based upon our discussions with employees this appears to be corporate policy. That is a great policy.Limitations in the policy [standard limitations]

The policy limits to 24 months benefits for disability caused by a mental health condition unless you are confined. The same applies to substance-abuse conditions. This is a 24 month lifetime limit.


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