What information do you need to appeal your long-term disability claim in Virginia.When your disability insurance company terminates your benefits in Virginia because they think you are no longer disabled, you typically have 180 days to appeal your claim. This does NOT mean writing the insurance company a letter and saying "We appeal," nor does it mean having your doctor write a letter saying "Mrs. Smith is disabled because I said so."

Both will get you another denial letter. At this point, you don't want to make the mistake of putting together an incomplete appeal. Here are some things you may want to include in your appeal:

  1. All medical records for 10 years
  2. Letters from your treating doctors that have been specially crafted to blend "medical speak" with "insurance speak."
  3. Letters and narratives from friends, family, ex-co-workers
  4. Video recordings of your activities
  5. Articles from the medical literature about your condition
  6. Book chapters about your condition - you can go to a medical library
  7. Additional testing such as functional capacity testing
  8. A report from a vocational rehabilitation expert
  9. Copies of other reported law cases regarding your medical condition and disability
  10. Copies of other reported law cases regarding an interpretation of your policy

If your disability insurance benefits have been terminated and you want to appeal, we highly recommend you contact our office at (703)584-7277 to talk with our team about your case. We will review your denial letter for free to help you develop a strategy for winning your appeal.

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