You may be put in a position where your personal injury attorney is pushing you to see a doctor that they say is “the best." This may seem like a friendly referral, but there is always a chance that this could be for their own personal reasons! Your car wreck might’ve been bad, but now this could really make things take a nasty turn.

If you want your case to hold some level of legitimacy if it goes to trial, you need to be extra careful in following this advice. Insurance companies are watching you, and odds are they know much more than you would think they do! Your personal injury attorney may think he is being sneaky by sending you to “his guy” and setting up the pitch for a home run (to his bank account!) but he may also be closing your case before it even begins.

This is what personal injury attorney Ben Glass usually describes as “The Kiss Of Death”. These referral relationships definitely tend to discredit you and your attorney if you end up going to trial.

Do yourself a favor – find your own doctor. In the meantime, I suggest you check out our free consumer guide The Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim which will help you with some of your pressing questions regarding your personal injury case.

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