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This is a review of the JustWorks long-term disability insurance plan. We have represented and consulted with a number of long-term disability insurance claimants who were employed by JustWorks. At the time of this review, MetLIfe manages claims.

The JustWorks long-term disability plan receives a "6-Star" rating from BenGlassLaw.

This review is of a plan with an effective date of November 1, 2019. This review is conducted in June 2021. If you have an updated Plan for us to review please send it to us and we will review it.

Definition of Disability 

Means that you are receiving appropriate care and treatment and complying with the requirements of such treatment and you are unable to earn, during the elimination period and the next 24 months of sickness or accidental injury, more than 80% of your predisability earnings at your own occupation from any employer in your local economy and after such period, more than 60% of your predisability earnings from any employer in your local economy at any gainful occupation for which are reasonably qualified taking into account your training education and experience.

Definition of "Own Occupation"

means the essential functions you regularly perform that provide your primary source of earned income.

Benefits will be limited if the disability is due to:

  • alcohol;
  • drug or substance addiction;
  • mental or nervous disorders or diseases

However the policy limits disability benefits to a maximum lifetime of 100 months or the maximum benefit., Whichever is shorter.

Comment by BenGlassLaw: the JustWorks long-term disability plan is an excellent plan. Most plans discriminate against the mentally ill and for a host of other diseases by limiting benefits to 24 months. This plan does limit benefits for certain diseases but when they are limited the limit is an astonishing 100 months. That's actually amazing. This plan does not have many of the clauses that typically take more benefits away than they include.

We can give this plan six stars. 

An excellent plan.



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