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Insurance companies spend a lot of advertising dollars teaching you to trust them. Think of the many mascots of GEICO, or the late-night phone calls to “Jake from State Farm.” This honeymoon phase does not last for long, and some people are unfortunate enough to see their insurance companies turn from friend to enemy. If you are filing a claim against your policy, watch for these red flags when speaking to the insurance adjuster:

  1. They Ask for a Recorded Statement
    If you have hired an attorney (or if you are planning to), you should not give a recorded statement to the adjuster. If you are settling your case, you will have to give a recorded statement at some point. There is no need to rush this process.
  2. They Ask About Medical History
    The insurance company uses evidence of pre-existing injuries to claim your injuries may not be the result of your accident. If you have pre-existing injuries, you should speak to an attorney about those injuries and how they may affect your case.
  3. They Want to Settle Quickly
    Your insurance company knows when it is on the losing end of a case. If your accident was serious (broken bones, major property damage, etc.) and you were not at fault, do not let the insurance company bully you into settling early. This is important since you cannot refuse a settlement that you have previously agreed to.
  4. The Adjuster Comments on Your Injuries
    The adjuster does not have medical experience. The insurance company has an agenda to spend as little as possible. The adjusters know this and may try to convince you that treatment is not needed or that your injuries are not serious.

Don’t let this list alarm you. The bulk of small accidents are settled without an attorney. If you had a small accident, download a copy of my FREE book Get It Settled. Keep in mind that insurance adjusters are people, too, and there is no reason to be scared to speak to them if you were not at fault for the accident.

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