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Most long-term disability insurance policies contain an unfortunate clause that can leave claimants without benefits after a period (usually 24 months). This can leave claimants with multiple conditions confused as to why their claim is being denied. Knowing how and why the insurance company is denying or terminating your benefits is invaluable to receiving your benefits.

After a period, usually about two years, the insurance company will stop paying benefits if the claim involves, in any way, a mental illness. However, most claims we see involve some form of mental illness in some way. Let's be honest, it can be depressing to be disabled. If your insurer thinks, rightly or wrongly, that the claim involves a mental illness, they will likely terminate the claim after 24 months. However, it is very likely that in doing so, the insurer will forget to consider the remaining medical conditions. These other disabling conditions merit independent analysis by your insurer, and it is very likely your insurer has ignored them entirely. If this has happened, then you have been the victim of an unfounded, frivolous termination of benefits.Can the insurance company stop paying your benefits if you have a mental illness?

If you have a disability claim based on a mental illness and other factors unrelated to the mental illness that was denied/terminated, call BenGlassLaw at (703) 584-7277.

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