We get this question all the time. If you were in an accident and need\to claim your own insurance company, you might have thought you had “full coverage,” but now they’re delaying or denying your claim. Why?

What full coverage really means and why your insurance company is working against you.The fact is that when you make a claim against your own insurance company under the uninsured motorist portion of your coverage, your insurance company will start to behave as if they work for the “other guy.” It doesn’t matter if you’ve paid premiums for years and have a great relationship with the company. The moment you file a claim against them, they will treat you as though you are an adversary. Unfortunately, that’s just what motivates the people and companies involved.

You’re going to have to prove:

  1. Somebody else was at fault.
  2. You suffered an injury as a direct result of that negligence.
  3. Your insurance policy covers these injuries in this context.

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