As Told by a former Insurance Adjuster

BenGlassLaw recently interviewed a former insurance agent and asked them about the process an accident victim will go through after an accident. We were very surprised by what we learned, and we are eager to share this information with our readers.

Commuting in Northern Virginia can be very risky for Virginia drivers. Some drivers are not attentive enough while they're behind the wheel. If you encounter one of these drivers, you could find yourself the victim of a car accident.

After you contact your insurance company, you start to worry. Will this accident raise your rates?

Fortunately, the answer is probably not. If you are not at fault for the accident, you are unlikely to see an increase in your rates. Should you choose to pursue a personal injury case, you will have to determine who is at fault and how much they are responsible for the accident.

Will your insurance rates increase if you are not at fault in a car accident?Virginia has contributory negligence law that says if the victim is at fault for the accident, even they are 1% at fault, they are barred recovery from the accident. This is trouble for any victim looking to pursue a personal injury or car accident case. If you are 1% at fault, however, your insurance company may be bias to the insured (you). Meaning, they may decide not to raise your rates.

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