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As Told by a Former Insurance Adjuster

BenGlassLaw recently interviewed a former insurance agent and asked him about the process an accident victim will go through after an accident. We were very surprised by what we learned, and we are eager to share this information with the public.If you caused an accident, will your rates go up?

If you are at fault in an accident, you probably have many questions. Was the other person injured? Will your coverage limits be enough to cover the damages? Will your insurance rates go up?

Being in an accident, even a minor one, can cost you higher premiums in the future. Unless you have a plan with “accident forgiveness,” your rates will go up after an accident if you are at fault. There is no sure way to know how much they will go up, and it may be $5 more for six months of coverage or $500. It depends on several factors, for example, how much damage there was to the vehicle if the other person was injured, and how much you were at fault.

Virginia has contributory negligence law, meaning if the injured was at fault, even 1% at fault, they would be denied recovery. However, your insurance companies may not raise your rates for only 1% of fault. They decide to raise (or not raise) rates based on the circumstances of the accident, and typically they will side with their insured.

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