Organizing a personal injury claim with or without a lawyer is stressfull enough. You might’ve started your case directly with an attorney you trusted, or asked the insurance adjuster for advice. If you have a good board certified personal injury attorney, then odds are you're on track for collecting what’s due to you. If you’re like the majority, you’ve been misled by the insurance adjuster who will pretend to be your friend! It’s more common than not that you’ll see this “pal” of yours trying to take you in a misleading direction with a few things…

Settling early. Yes, the insurance adjuster will push and push until you settle asap. Is this bad? Well, it usually is if they’re pushing it on you. This means they’re trying to nickel and dime you for everything your claim is worth. The sooner you settle means they pay you and the case is closed. This usually leaves you missing out on a majority of what is due to you..

Made fun of their claim. It disgusts me how the insurance adjuster will try and make a mockery of what they deem a “joke of an injury”. Don’t let their laughter or sarcasm guilt you into dropping your case. Take this frustration and embarrassment and channel it towards developing a strong case with your personal injury attorney to get what is due to you.

They completely lied to you. I’ve seen clients come in that once they finally get the courage to find an attorney say that they were hesitant because of the insurance adjuster. They’ll tell you that a personal injury attorney will take more than half your money, and that you’re better off settling for the first offer you can get.

These tricks are dirty and deceitful, but the insurance adjuster will go to whatever measures it takes to ruin your recovery, and minimize if not eliminate the insurance company’s payout.

What you should do to find all the answers to your questions after a car wreck, is order a FREE copy of our consumer guide, The Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim, to learn more about personal injury claims in Virginia. This should answer a lot of your questions, and give you a chance to decide for yourself whether or not you need a personal injury lawyer. 

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