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It should be difficult for any attorney to tell you the exact amount of your back injury claim. Each case is like a snowflake; each one is different. There are many variables that can determine your settlement amount. Read through the list below to discover the major factors that can help (or hinder) your back injury claim.

  1. When did you receive treatment?

    Seek treatment for your injuries immediately. If you have been injured as the result of an accident, do not hesitate to seek medical attention. If you delay your treatment, it could negatively affect the outcome of your claim. The insurance company can view delayed treatment as an indication your injuries are not serious.
  2. Is the injury temporary or permanent?

    If your injury is permanent, this can increase your settlement amount. A permanent injury means lost wages, long term treatment, and reduced quality of life. Depending on the type of injury, it may also affect your relationships with family and friends
  3. How much did your health insurance pay?

    If the injury resulted in an abundance of medical bills not paid for by your health insurance, you might be entitled to higher compensation. This also includes any out-of-pocket expenses you accrued during your treatment.
  4. What kind of statements have you made?

    The statements you have made to your insurance adjuster will be re-addressed during your case and could come back to haunt you. When speaking to your insurance adjuster, be honest and factual. Remember, you do not need to give a statement to the defendant's insurance adjuster until you decide to file suit.How will your back injury affect your accident settlement?
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