If you are trying to estimate what your damage award could be if you file suit after a car accident, there are several factors you must consider. First, there is not a “settlement formula that can accurately predict how much you will receive for your case. Estimates are practically useless prior compared to a thorough examination of your case. Additionally, it is difficult for any attorney to give an estimate due to unpredictable factors, such as the particular jury for your case.

An experienced board certified personal attorney will learn about your case and instruct you on the process of a personal injury/car accident case. Additionally, there are several resources that will help you determine what juries in your area are awarding car accident cases. VerdictSearch and JuryVerdicts are websites that archive trial verdicts and can be good resources if want to see what juries are awarding for cases like yours.What you should do if your ribs were broken in a car accident.

If you have been injured in a car accident, seek medical treatment first. A doctor will evaluate your case and decide the best course of treatment. Unfortunately, A broken rib can be hard to demonstrate in court. A doctor may not recommend an X-Ray in all cases. Even if you do receive an X-Ray, a broken rib will not always show up in the image. Images such as X Rays are very powerful for a jury. This will ultimately affect your damage award.

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