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Our fee is one-third of the recovery from the insurance company plus our out-of-pocket costs.  Unlike many firms, our fee does not go up to 40 or 45% if a lawsuit has to be filed or if the case goes to trial.  This is a question you need to ask.

In many cases, the out-of-pocket costs are limited to a few hundred dollars to collect the medical records and bills.  These are costs that the client would incur on their own if they were handling the case themselves.

If we accept your case and do not get a recovery, you pay no fee and no costs.

"Price" should not be your major criteria for choosing the right personal injury attorney for you. We've created a video that walks you through the steps to finding the right attorney for your case, every time. It's at 

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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized ERISA disability & life insurance attorney in Fairfax, VA.