How Much Does a Personal Injury or Car Accident Attorney Cost?Most personal injury attorneys charge a contingency fee for personal injury cases. You won’t pay an attorney any upfront costs to handle your claim, but if you win your claim, the attorney will take a percentage of the settlement. BenGlassLaw has a sliding fee contingency fee arrangement, and if we settle your case more than 90 days before trial, BenGlassLaw’s fee is 25% of the final settlement. Most attorneys charge 33% to 40% of your final settlement for their services.

Personal injury fees are contingency based so clients can hire an attorney without having to pay legal fees up front. If your claim is unsuccessful, you may owe for expenses related to your case.

What Do You Pay for a Personal Injury Attorney?

A lot of people will think that they must pay an attorney up front to engage their services. That's not the case in injury claims. In injury cases, personal injury lawyers will charge what's called a contingency fee. An attorney’s fee is contingent on getting some recovery for the client, and that fee is a percentage of the recovery.

You may have heard the phrase “no fee if no recovery.” If the attorney doesn't get any money out of the insurance company or out of the driver that hit you, then you don't pay the attorney a fee. The contingency fee traditionally is a third of the recovery from the auto insurance company.

What Does BenGlassLaw Do Differently?

BenGlassLaw has a sliding scale for our personal injury fees. Our fee is 25% of the recovery if we settle your case before a lawsuit, 25% of the recovery if we settle your case up until 91 days before trial. At 90 days before trial, the fee goes up to one-third of the recovery.

The last three months of a personal injury case is where the bulk of the expenses are incurred, and the trial work begins ramping up. If the case hasn't settled at this point, we know that your case may go to trial. Because of the additional time that is required for a trial, our fee goes up to a third.

Injury law is the only thing that our injury section does. Our injury section isn't reviewing contracts. We're not doing real estate deals. We're not doing divorces. We're not doing anything at an hourly fee rate. As a result of that, we don't have to relearn the process. Because of those efficiencies, we can pass those cost savings on to clients.

Not all case we handle fall under this sliding fee. BenGlassLaw also does medical malpractice and disability cases, and those cases have their own fee system. This fee arrangement applies to personal injury cases, some auto accidents, dog bites, slip and fall, other premises liability cases.

Brian Glass
Virginia personal injury lawyer selected to SuperLawyers Rising Stars List and the NTLA's Top 40 Under 40.