Often during meetings with new potential clients for a free consultation about their Virginia car accident case, they will ask the question...

"How long should I expect my case to take?"

Well, the first thing worth discussing is the need to be patient. One of the most important parts of settling your car accident case is making sure that you have a complete picture of your medical bills from any injuries you suffered. If you are still treating, you can't know exactly how much it will cost. The insurance company doesn't want to give you money for which you don't have documentation.

You also want to know the scope of lost wages you may have accrued, in addition to the property damage cost.

The actual negotiation of your settlement could take many months, even a year. And if the insurance company just won't budge, you may need to file a lawsuit which will likely add another year or more to the timeline.

This probably sounds pretty frustrating, and it can be.How long will your car accident take in Virginia?

Of course, this is where having a lawyer to represent you helps. Personal injury attorneys, like the ones at BenGlassLaw, act on your behalf to negotiate with the insurance company, gather medical records, make strategic decisions, and more. Since the process can take such a long time, it can be quite helpful to have an advocate overseeing the process for you. Most personal injury attorneys operate on a "contingency fee," which means they only get paid when you get paid, so they are incentivized to get you the best (while also most reasonable) result possible.

If you would like to set up a free consultation with one of the attorneys at BenGlassLaw about your car accident case, start by calling us at (703)584-7277.

Additionally, you should get our free book on car accident claims in Virginia. It has vital information about the process that can help you make smart decisions about your legal issue.

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