You’ve been in a car accident, and the road to recovery is long. Recovering from an injury is already stressful, and now you need to start looking for an attorney. How rushed does this process need to be? Fortunately, the state of Virginia gives you some time to file a claim.How long do you have to file a personal injury claim?

The statute of limitations on a personal injury claim is two years. That means two years from the date of your accident you can file a personal injury claim. We encourage people to use this time to their advantage. Let your physical health guide your decision making. Don’t call an attorney first thing after your accident. When we get calls from people still at the site of their accident we tell them to hang up and see a doctor first.

One very practical reason to wait to file your personal injury claim is that attorneys are better able to evaluate your case after you have started treating your injuries. After treatment has started, an attorney will know your medical bills, lost wages, or “pain and suffering” expenses. Again, take care of yourself first. This is the most important step for your personal injury case and your well-being.

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