How does the DMV point system work in Virginia?The DMV points system is Virginia’s way to reward good drivers, punish bad drivers, and prevent bad drivers from staying on our roadways. You may have skimmed the chapter about the DMV points system when you took your driver’s test, so take a moment to refresh your memory and learn about Virginia’s DMV points system.

There are two kinds of DMV points, safe points, and demerit points. You can gain one safe point per year (usually awarded in April for the following year). You can accumulate no more than five safe points on your license. In some cases, you can take a driver improvement course to get additional safe points on your license.

Demerit points are assigned to your record when you commit a traffic violation. Offenses are grouped based on the number of points they can subtract from your driving record. There are three point offenses, four point offenses, and six point offenses. If you have two points on your driving record and your commit a three point offense, you will end up with a -1 on your driving record.

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