About once a week we get a call from someone who has a pending personal injury claim. Sometimes they have hired an attorney but they feel something just isn't right. this usually comes from all the confusion when deciding if they really need a personal injury lawyer to handle their case.

On top of this, all the advertising that goes on in the media is mostly garbage - and shows you absolutely nothing about the personal injury lawyer. You need to have a way to educate yourself, and push through all the mixed messages in order to see what a truly qualified Virginia personal injury lawyer is really like. 

So, you still want to fire your lawyer.

Most people that come through my door usually has several questions:

1 ) Can I consult with another attorney before firing my current lawyer?

2 ) Am I allowed to fire my lawyer?

3 ) If I fire my lawyer and I have agreed to pay the lawyer a contingent fee, do I owe him any money?

4 ) If I fire my lawyer, can the lawyer keep my file until I pay my bill?

5) Even if I owe the lawyer some money, can I get the insurance company to just pay me the settlement and I'll decide when to pay the lawyer ?

6) Are there any conditions upon which a lawyer can't be fired?

7) My lawyer left his firm? Whose client am I now?

You have to look at the big picture in front of you, and unravel the veil that hides all of the quality lawyers from you. This may mean that you have to review the best lawyers for automobile accidents, or top rated Virginia personal injury lawyers, but it's worth it in the end. Battling for your own case isn't ever recommended, and to be honest the odds of winning without a personal injury attorney are low. 

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