The proper documentation of your injuries after a motorcycle accident is extremely important if you have been injured in an accident by someone else. The proper documentation of your injuries enables you to increase your chances  at just compensation from insurance companies.

Records are a valuable resource when dealing with insurance adjusters. But today, computers fill in for the insurance adjusters' jobs. These computers are often responsible for the evaluation of the patient's injury in our modern world. As you can imagine it's more difficult to communicate with computers rather than human insurance adjusters. Computers do not always understand what it is you are trying to "tell them."  Thus it is very important that you document your motorcycle accident injuries in a manner that's suitable for a computer to understand.

Computers can be tricky as they are limited in function; so ensuring that the computer understands what you are trying to tell it is vital if you want to receive the compensation you deserve from insurance companies. One easy thing to do that is often overlooked is making certain that all of your records are legible.This is so important! You would not believe how many of my clients have medical records that are completely illegible.

Adjusters and computers will disregard handwritten notes that cannot be understood. It's recommended that you have your notes typewritten instead. Also make certain that your doctor provides you a readable patient's chart. All prescribed medications, diagnosis, and any other relevant information should be put in there clearly.

As you may know, computers work via codes; they have their own language that is known as "ICD-9 codes".  It is certainly helpful to write diagnoses in the manner of these codes. Here are some examples of words that are easily understood by these computers:

         *  Headaches

         * Dizziness

         * Limited range of motion

         * Anxiety

         *  Spasms

         * Radiating pain

Details such as the nature, causal relationship, and dates and duration must be written along with those in your notes.

Your doctor should also note if conditions such as immobilization, home therapy, and physical impairment are present in the treatment. Monitor your treatment gaps. The computer won't acknowledge any treatment gaps caused by illnesses, family emergencies, or the like.

If you are unable to go to your job due to the accident, a disability notice should be given for every period of work that is missed. If you choose to work even though you haven't still fully recovered, the computer will understand this as long as you note the circumstances (your state, dates/duration).

If you keep these suggestions in mind as you are documenting your injuries from a motorcycle accident you will significantly increase your chances at receiving just compensation from the insurance company.

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